Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sometimes my life sucks...

Being in doggie rescue, well it doesn't make me very happy all the time. Here are some of the reasons.Yes, that is a puppy, and yes it is my new sissy, here to stay.Yes, that is a small pony. Okay, not here to stay (thank goodness) and not a pony. Actually he is okay, kinda nice. Kinda.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No news doesn't mean all is well..

Well, here I am again. Been a while. Here is the long and short of it.

Nicky Noodle Collie has a new home. He and Duncan were just fighting so much and no one was happy. So Mom gave him up. I don't miss him, but she does. She has cried buckets over him. (I'm still here, whats to cry about?). Nicky now lives with a family with two daughters, and a cat. No other dogs. I hear he is being spoilt rotten.

Miles left for a new foster, Sophie went back to the rescue shelter. She still is waiting for a forever home.

We've had several new fosters come and go. Bellatrix, Rori, and Major. Major is a Pug and he only has two teeth. He is staying. Mom and the human boys love him and he likes to sleep. Who doesn't?

Tavish got lost on New Years Day and ended spending the night out. He was found by someone two miles away from Nana's house, on the other side of the lake. Mom was totally freaked. Tavish's heart has gotten worse since then. He has had three grand mal seizures that we know about. He is on another heart medicine and Mom hopes she won't have to add phena barb to it.

Duncan is happier, I'm sort of happier. We have a new deaf foster named Regan, she is an Aussie.

And the big news is that we have a new puppy. Yes, Mom caved and we now have little Vanilla Milkshake aka Nillie. Nillie is a 9 week old Sheltiex/Chihuhua. She is a pest.

For all my girlfriends who have missed me. I'm still handsome, and right now I smell really good. My Mom had me groomed, I hated it, but if it makes me better looking, who can fight it.

Mom has a new computer so no pictures right now...but soon, as soon as she ports some over, whatever that means.

Love and kisses