Monday, January 28, 2008

Baby its cold outside...

Hello gentledogs,

I just wanted to give a little update. Right now I certain I am living in Hell's freezer. It was 2 degrees last Friday morning. 2! That is pretty cold for Michigan. AND we've had snow and snow and snow. We've had two major snow falls, then it melts and goes into Mom's basement. Then it snows again. It is hard for me to get my daily sun in, Mom doesn't let me sit outside for very long, even when I want to.

In addition to the cold, we've had a bunch of strange dogs traipsing through the house.

First there was Santana, this black lab/chow mix that came up to Mom when she was dropping the human brothers off at daycare. His owner came looking for him, knocking door to door until they found him.

Then Reggie came to stay. Reggie's foster mom was going to Hawaii, so Mom said she would wathch him. He was pretty nice, he treated me with respect, so he was fine.

Then Arrow showed up at the back fence. He was pretty obnoxious, but Mom fell in love with him. Like that doesn't happen every day! Anyway, Arrow went to Collie Rescue yesterday and Mom is feeling mopy. But since Duncan, Lily and Charley hated him and kept picking fights...well. Mom also said she couldn't afford another dog right now. So she is a bit weepy. Ah well, peace is restored to the house (well, Lily is still here).

We are looking forward to spring here.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Health, Happiness and Prosperity

Happy New Year Buddies...

I wanted to log on and tell you all what my New Year's Resolution is. I Maximillian the Valliant intend to spend more time biting Lily's butt in 2008. I figure it will be good for my manly figure.

My mom went totally goofy greeting the new year. She said it was some sort of funky sway kharma thingy. She put 27 dollar bills in her wallet and 49 coins, then sprinkled it with ginger. She ate fish (can't blame her there), she didn't talk about the past, just the future. She opened all the doors and windows at midnight to let the bad out and the good in. And (her personal favorite) she didn't do any cleaning today, or use any sharp knives. She says she wants all the good kharma and luck she can get for the new year.

Mom and I are back doing doggie transport. We are good at it, so we organize for one of our favorite rescues. They cover 5 states. I guess they needed help. Everyone is doing okay, but we've all had some extra meds. Wookie's back got all blistered and broke open. Mom and the vet said he had some kind of allergic reaction. The poor guy has to go to the vet for bandage changes, like EVERY WEEK!

Mom had to got to Lost Vegas in early December. She had our pet sitter stay here, she is kinda goofy. But Duncan had to stay at the vet because he doesn't like her. Wookie stayed there too because of his back. The pet sitter got in a fight with Lily because Lily took her chocolates. I had a touch of bronchitis too. Duncan beat up Charley one day and he almost had to have stitches. Mom was ticked off. Charley is so nice, I can't imagine why Duncan lit into him.

We had a big, black lab puppy named Max come and stay for a weekend a few weeks back. Boy Evie had a good time playing with him. Mom called him the "Big stupid puppy." But I know she really liked him. I think she just didn't want to confuse me. It is all about me afterall.

I think Evie was missing the big stupid puppy because she started to play tug with Duncan using my oldest human brothers brand new orange teddy bear. Ripped his head clean off. Mom did emergency surgery tonight while the little humans are at Nana's house.

Well, sorry I haven't been writting much. I hope to do better in the new year. I hope some of Mom's Funky Sway comes to all my friends out there too!


PS...I didn't have to dress up in antlers for christmas this year!! But I saw Bussie's picture - dressed as an elf. Bahahahahahaahahhahahahaha.