Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Visions of Halloween..

Here are my boys...they traded costumes
The boss' dog, Diamond. He's a firefighter

The boys' pumpkins they carved tonightLucy mom's friend's dog. She's a devil.
Mom went to work as a serial killer. Pretty lame if you ask me. And no, she didn't win the $50 prize, that went to Raggedy Ann. bahahahha

Mom is gonna be a little ticked at me for posting this terrible picture of her...she was trying to look scary. It kinda worked! bahahahha M-the-V

Monday, October 30, 2006

Look what I got!

Yes, that is toast and jam, and yes, I stole it from my littlest human brother. I felt a little bad because he cried, but hey, a dog has to keep his reflexes sharp, right? (besides, he still had another piece). M-the-V

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lesson No. 2

Toy Discipline Lesson No. 2

Notice how I keep moving to disorient the toy (in this case my littlest human brother's shoe...she how it lights up when I shake it?)

I've also sped up the neck breaking action. Let me tell you that that shoe would never even think of pulling a fast one. No monkey business here! And I disorientated Lily too! BONUS!


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Uh Oh!

I think Mom has finally snapped. She is frazzled, yelling, crying and keeping Harry in his cage. I knew this would happen. Eight is just too many dogs. I tried to tell her...oh well, it isn't like she planned this.

Mom took Harry to a friend's house for a few days. I think she is going to send him to the rescue's kennel. She feels bad, but she is overloaded.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday fun...

America's Funniest Videos - I think. M-the-V

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Fanny shows off street dog fighting moves!
Little Wookie right after a spa treatment.
Duncan organizing a soccor game.
Ghost dogs breaking soccor rules!
Duncan smiling after a big win!
Max, Lily and Evie the resident dogs being totally ignored. You don't see any pictures of us, do you? M-the-V


Yesterday was WEDNESDAY!! Which means my human brothers went to their dad's house and we went to the woods for a walk!

I heard Mom talking to her friend Kathy on the tellie. They decided Mom should bring Harry. Harry is obnoxious, but so is Kathy's owner Stella the Mons-terrier. So they thought the two of them would have fun playing. Mom also brought Duncan, but left Starry at home (she was sooo upset).

Well Harry is 80lbs of baby muscle and he doesn't know how to walk on lead. He about yanked Mom's arms out of their sockets....I tried to help by nipping at him and barking orders. Do you know he actually ignored them? I don't care much for Harry. And get this neither does Stella! She was afraid of him after a few attempts at playing. He isn't mean, but he does throw his weight around a bit. Mom and Kathy did a lot of laughing.

Duncan has settled right in here. What is cool is that he smiles and wags his tail all the time now. He has taken my spot on the bed and I'm not really happy about it. But he never bothers me. I've only heard him fuss once and that was at Harry...go figure. Lily growls at him a lot. But Duncan has been such a good boy that Mom gives him freedom in the house while she is gone.

The Little Wookie is worrying Mom again though. I guess he is having poopies and their was even some blood in it. She says she might start him on pills.

I'll post some pictures later. - M-the-V

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm EVIE!!!!

This is me dreaming of giving Boomer a kiss! - Evie

Monday, October 23, 2006

I got a birthday card!!!

Look at this!!

AND it had a present inside!!!

I couldn't get a good picture of the tag, but it says "best friends."

And the very BEST thing is it came from my "secret admirer!" Although I know who the secret admirer is!!! M-the-V

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Duncan is here....

Duncan asleep on Mom's lap Duncan came home with Mom today. She still has Harry. I'm feeling rather upset. I can tell you it is very crowded and Mom is a little stressed. I like Duncan a whole lot better than Harry. Duncan is calm and quiet and doesn't bug me. Well not yet. For a dog who has never lived in a house he sure did find Mom's bed fast.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Well he's baaaack....

I want to thank my doggie friends for thinking of me and my mom. Today I got to go for a ride. I love car rides...just sitting in the car with Mom is fun. Unfortunately, she took me to the vet's. Yup, the vet trimmed my dews.

Then I had to wait in the car while Mom got some kind of glue shot? But then we went to McD's and more car ride! I was having a good time riding and getting stroked by Mom as she drove.


We stopped at a gas station about a 1/2 hour away from home. And you won't believe who Mom put in the back of the SUV.


And now he is sitting on my couch, chewing on MY BONES!

Looks like Duncan won't be coming tomorrow, and I was looking forward to having another herding brother. Not a big, slobbery, black lab puppy.

I guess his family didn't work out. sigh. M-the-V

Nana made me a blankie!!!

Nana made me a blankie ..nener nener nener
She didn't make anyone else a blankie!!

Isn't it beautiful! She ka-nitted it with her own hands! It is white with purple stripes! I love purple stripes!

Just call me Vana!

Lily tried to get me to give it to her. Yeah right.

So I took it into my cage.

Lily had to get her eyedrops anyway. I don't think she even has the energy to try to take it by force. Can you say L-A-Z-Y?

M-the-V or Nana's Special Boy!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Need an intervention...

Hi, this is Evie, Maxey is outside. Maxey has been talking about all his good friends here. So I've come to ask your help. Ever since Mom tried to clip Maxey's dew claws he has been giving her the cold shoulder. I know he would never own up to it, but Mom is starting to feel kinda bad. (shhhss I heard she is taking him to the vet tomorrow to have his dews clipped). Anyway, he hasn't been sleeping on her bed or staying inside with us. He just doesn't want to be nice. Mom is just taking care of him. I mean, she clipped my nails too...it wasn't a big deal.

Anyway, could you guys talk to him and tell him to stop being mean to Mama. She really is pretty good to us. Thanks - Evie

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happiness all around...

Last night was walk in the woods night. Always one of my favorite things to do. It was cut a little short since Starry started limping. No doubt she got overly bouncy. Starry must have been in trouble for it though cause she got closeted in the bathroom with Mom for an hour. She got bathed and brushed within an inch of her life!

Mom's friend Kathy sent us home with some things from her garden. Take a look at these Sunshade! Not one scawreeey thing, but two! Course these were a lot smaller than the baseball bat-sized thing your mom got.

Life is better here, Mom is happy again cause she finally got a new job! She says she is going to be doing something she loves and making tons more money! I love to see her happy (unless she is trying to cut my nails). She is nervous today because she needs to give her notice and she thinks it is going to be ugly.

Mom also told me that she is bringing another foster dog to the house. Sigh. She doesn't like that he is older (what? he's my age) and living in an outdoor kennel. He needs more indoor training and love to get his coat back in shape, she says. Then he'll have a better chance of being adopted. I guess he had a bad life, he and his brother and sister were owned by a transient. They sometime lived in a garage, or a car. Never a house. But his owner loved them and often when without food so the dogs could eat. It is kinda sad cause his brother and sister have already been adopted by nice families.

So okay, he can come here, I guess. I hear he is big, I hope he isn't mean. sigh. It is going to be really crowded here.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm mad....

I slept downstairs last night. I'm really mad at mom. She had the nerve to try and clip my nails last night right before bedtime. I tried to co-operate, well sort of, but then I just couldn't stand it. What is worse, I know she isn't finished and will try and get my dew claws again. They grow in a circle and mom is always worried they will grow into my pad. It is hard to decided which is worse, having it grow into my pad or having mom with the clippers. M-the-V

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Keep away!

Mom and I played keep away this morning. I just love that game. We made a video but it was too dark to share. All the other dogs were outside, so Mom grabbed the bunny and chased me. I love to be chased. When she got tired I had to actually put the bunny in her lap, but she chased me and played tug. It was a fun morning. But then Mom came back from church sad. She saw some friends from her past life, when she stayed home with me and my human brothers. She doesn't get to see them anymore now that she works full time. I tried to cheer her up, I broke the neck of the bunny for her. She always laughs. Even though she laughed I think she is still a little sad.
Anyway, here are the pumpkins the human brothers picked. It is kinda funny that the littlest took so long to pick pumpkins and then chose the tiniest he could find. Blogger wouldn't let me upload the picture earlier.

The BIG day....

Yesterday was a big day here at my house. First I had to go to visit the vet. Mom said the vet needed to take some of my blood to ensure that my recovery was on the right track. Now I like my vet and her assistant, Amanda, but I sure don't like being stuck with needles. On a happy note, my vet did say that my lump was smaller and we definitely didn't need to do surgery. I had also gained back 5 of the 6lbs I lost when I got sick.

My human brothers came along and toward the end were being less than good. The littlest tried to open the door of another exam room where there was a muzzled rottie. I'm tough but I really didn't want to defend my brother against a dog three times my size.

After the trip to the vet, Mom took us all McD's and I got my own french fries! Mom felt guilty. One thing I've noticed, not every drive-thru produces french fries. I haven't quite figured that out yet.

Mom took me home and let me and Evie stay outside on a nice day. But she left and took the human brothers out for "Pumpkin Picking" day. Apparently, this is a big deal to humans.

First they look at baby animals, even feeding them. There was a calf, lambs, chickens, goats and a turkey...blalahalhalhalhalahlah.

Then the human brothers started to look at pumpkins. These were strange white ones.

Then there was pony rides for the human brothers and their cousins.

More pumpkin picking...decisions, decisions.

Playing in the straw...

and then they brought home the spoils!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Toy discipline...lesson no. 1

Lesson no 1
Notice the dramatic head snapping. Of course, I've slowed down the action so my students can properly see my technique. Now you'll notice that I'm using Mom's shoe to demonstrate, please don't try this at home. I insist that my students start with some of their smaller toys. Please let me know your progress and any questions you may have.


Thursday, October 12, 2006


Look what happened here this morning!! Mom was mumbling under her breath, and I'm not very happy either. The human brothers are pretty excited though.
Don't I look annoyed!
I feel like a Husky...but look like a Dalmation!

Problems in blog world...

Well my friends, I have decided that I need to give you all proper lessons in how to break the neck of your toys. Mom said she would help and made a small video. However, I have been unable to upload the video to blogger.

So...you all will have to wait a bit til mom can figure it out. I know you are disappointed.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Corn hand....

Look at what my little human brother made at daycare today. Mom was going to put it on Evie like Zach's Mom.
A struggle ensued.

Lily won...but Mom got it away from her.

The hand didn't fare so well.

tee hee. M-the-V

I'm in trouble...

Mom says I have to apologize to Lily and to you all for my last post. It wasn't nice. She would like me to point out, sigh, that while I don't like Lily, she is the only one I follow around the yard and pee on top of her pee. Mom says that is because I don't want the bears to get her. I guess...sheez...she is a bear, I would think the bears would be afraid of her. But I guess I'm not allowed to be mean, since this is Mom's computer. M-the-V


Lily you stupid, ignorant beotch. You are simply Princess of Foreign Objects In Your Poop.
Do you see what I have to deal with?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Household revolt...

My name is Lily. It has come to my attention that my so-called-brother, Max, has been defaming me in public utilizing this blog. As he is currently outside enjoying a nice evening, and I am being loyal to my mom by staying by her side, I'd like to set the record straight. I am not evil, stupid or fat. Clearly you can see by my picture that I am a intelligent, happy, FLUFFY girl. Sure I've been known to pull his tail, shred toilet paper, magazines and eat money, I feel that this is my inate right as a Samoyed who is denied the right to work as my breed was meant to do. The fact that I don't like snow, the outside or exercise is beside the point. Afterall, I was bred to provide warmth and clothing too...and I'm a great sleep buddy and shed as much as possible should my mistress choose to spin my fur into yarn and knit a nice sweater for the boys.
I've asked my sisters and new brother to provide me some backup.

Hi, I'm Evie. Everything that Lily says is true. Absolutely, course everything Max says is true. Now do you have any small furry creatures who need mothering?

Don't let her fool you, she is an idiot and not nearly as in charge as she thinks. I am older, wiser and cuter. - Starry

What? Was I supposed to say something? ahem.. Something. - Poo

Well Fanny refused to stop her cat hunt to comment, but I'm sure she would agree that I'm a wonderful girl. And I know that my Mom loves me!

Lily - The Princess of Quite A Lot

Sunday, October 08, 2006


No monsters, ghosties or creepy pictures! M-the-V