Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Meet my new housemates

I think I told you guys about my Mom's new foster Charley. Here he is. He is pretty nice, he can't hear so when Lily barks at him he ignores her. It is too funny. She doesn't quite get why he doesn't seem afraid of her.

And here is HeatBlast. Yes, my human brothers named him for a cartoon character. He is a dwarf hamster. Mom says he looks like a border collie pingpong ball. He came home tonight. My mom says he belongs to my human brothers. I think my Mom is nuts. He certainly didn't sit still for pictures.

Oh, and there is a new cat in the basement too. But he doesn't like us dogs, so he stays in the basement. I'll get a picture of him soon.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hello Gentle Pups...

So much news so little time...

But I wanted to thanks Miss Opy for my birthday wishes! She is my best girl...

Here is a picture of the house Mom is looking at right now. But we still need to sell this one.