Monday, April 28, 2008

Nicky Meme

Hi gentlepups,

Nickolas is finally falling into order here at the house. Mom has diabused him of the idea that he is in charge. No more fighting. He thinks he is second in command. Ha, little does he know he has no command at all. But all in all things are good. I let him ride in my human brother's car seat in the car, he leaves me alone.

But tell me Key Collies, do you guys sing all the time. Cause Nicky sings constantly! And he has a high pitched shrill bark for mom, and a deep bark for strangers. And he sings every morning to wake up the human brothers. He is the official "wake up puppy."

And now...lets try and do this Book Meme again!

Here are the rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people and post a comment to Mickey once you have posted it.

"We've all known dogs who were "a bit cautious" around visitors, or who were afraid of new places. This tendency to be cautious around unfamiliar things is as strongly influenced by genetics in dogs as it is in people. Studies done as early as 1944 supported the idea that the fear of strangers can be inherited in dogs."

- For the Love of a dog, Patricia McConnell

Sigh, I love her.

Well I think I will tag, Pippin, Wally, Boomer and Flossy...

M-the-V (MTV to Collies)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm mad!!

I did a very long and wonderful entry a week ago and it never showed up in my blog!!! There were pictures of Shelby, witty observations and the Book MeMe that the Key Collies tagged me for. I guess I have to start all over.

Here is Shelby.

She is a Corgi-something. (Keep your tongue in your mouth Wally!!)

Shelby was with us for a month, but she was just adopted last sunday. I got to tag along.

We are expecting a new foster doggie from Michigan Sheltie Rescue. She is a senior lady whose Mom has to go into a nursing home. I'm a little excited about having someone of my own gentle breed to boss around.

Mama Hamster had eight more babies last week. They are REALLY tiring her out. But she is doing well. They will be going to Pet Supplies Plus in another week. Then Mama Hamster will have the cage to herself. Papa Hamster is starting to look like a sumo wrestler. I can't seem to get a good picture of the hammies. Probably because they are so small.

Nickey almost had to leave as he shredded Duncan's ear. But Mom has been "riding" his butt to keep him more in line. I tried to tell her that life would be so much easier if it was just me she had. But she seems to like having the pack.

More later

Maxey (or MTV to the Key Collies)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Comings and goings

Hello fellow has been a while since I've had the energy to post. My mom has been extremely active in doggie rescue so we've had a ton of dogs come through since February. To keep you up to speed here we go...

Evie has not moved out. She is back home living full time. Seems that Karl threw her over for a Scottish Terriorist pup. Go figure.
Rocky and Irma came to stay for a bit. Rocky got extremely ill and Mom was afraid he was going to die. But he pulled through and got a great family of his own.

Irma the Squirma was trouble. I knew it the minute I saw her. Here is a partial list of things she destroyed.

Mom's cell phone antenna

Mom's stuffed Rabbit that she has slept with for 25 years and was given to her on the second date with the first man she ever loved.

Certain areas of the new carpet where she pulled out the fibers

The plants in the pots on the back deck.

Every stuffie in the house, plus several of the human brothers'

Doesn't she look like trouble?

Then Mom adopted another dwarf hamster for the human brothers. She got another male so there wouldn't be any hanky panky.

But something happened to the new male hamster. He became a MOTHER!! Yup, we had two baby hammies. They were adopted by the neighbor, and now we are going to have another batch. What can I say, Mom didn't know about the first two before the second batch of babies was already on the way. The daddy hammie now lives alone.

So, now we have another foster doggie, Shelby. She is a corgi (note to Wally, picture to come!)

Now for the really big news! I have a new brother, and man is he a moose. Meet Nickolas!

Well that is all the news for now. Haven't we been busy?