Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Well Mom found them with the help of some strangers who spotted them yesterday. It took an hour and a half at lunchtime and they had been running in a 5 mile radius for 2 days. They are both exhausted and sore. Fanny won't let Mom touch her feet, she growls so you know she doesn't feel good. Starry's hind quarters are lame. She looks just like she did when she first got here all sick and everything. Mom had to carry Starry in from the car.

Mom had to brush all the burrs out of Starry and she had to pick some out of Fanny's skin. Mom did find a open sore on Starry's hind foot, but other than that they don't have any other wounds.

They had definately gotten lost in the woods. Instead of going south off Kathy's land they had gone north. Until they were sighted yesterday they had been out of range of Mom's whistle. Since Fanny is a runner, Mom had taughter her to come to a whistle, good thing too. Starry is partially deaf so she never would have heard Mom calling, but she can hear the loud whistle.

The people who helped Mom find them said they saw them cross the busy country highway and almost get hit by a semi. Fanny stopped at the last minute and Starry did everything that Fanny told her to do. Undoubtably, that is why Starry is still alive. The good people also said that they got close to them at one point but then Fanny ran off and Starry followed. Starry usually is very people friendly.

Mom is amazed at how Fanny took care of Starry and how Starry obeyed her. Fanny is a rescue hero. But I think this is definately Mom's best rescue of all.

I hope with lots of rest and good food and water that they will both be back to their normal selves. For now Mom has been giving them some pain medicine. They both have very sore muscles, Starry can go upstairs to sleep on her own power now..that is a big improvement.

Lastly, a big thank you to my friends. Thank you for your prayers and good wishes. You guys are awesome. Mom is planning to give the good people a reward for their help. She was thinking about sending flowers and a giftcard to a steakhouse. Plus she is taking Kathy out to their favorite Chinese restaurant. This never would have happened if Kathy hadn't put a sign out on the country highway. What do you guys think she should do for them?



back home...in bad shape. More later. M-the-V

Monday, November 27, 2006

Still no sign of them.

Going on night number two. We are all so sad. Mom is crying and feeling frantic. I know she called everyone she could think of. But they are lost at least 10 miles away from home. Evie is so depressed and Lily won't come downstairs except to go outside and eat. Duncan and Wookie don't seem too effected, but I really edgy. M-the-Sad

Please Pray

Please pray my friends. Starry and Fanny are missing. We went to our friend Kathy's house for a run in the woods. Afterward we sat in the house drinking water after the run. Normally, Starry doesn't leave Mom's side. But Fanny opened the door for another run (this is typical) and Starry wanted out. Mom thought she needed to go potty. But apparently she follow Fanny into the woods. We are hoping someone has them and will call today. Starry doesn't have any tags on, but Fanny does. Mom is so upset.


Friday, November 24, 2006

The List

Mom has been feeling pretty bad recently. The loss of Daisie, the time of year that Louie left us last year. Candy's death earlier in the year. Well, I know it has been a particularly rought year on mom in general. I just thought she needed to see a list of the lives she saved, even if just for a while, this year.

Shadow the Aussie, Miss Congeniality The Elkhound, Cimmie the Eskie/Chow Mix

Pecan the Aussie, Fanny the Border Collie/mix, Willow the beauty queen Collie.

Here is a list of Dogs/Bunny we had in our house.

Shadow the Aussie
Pecan the Aussie
Fanny the Border Collie/mix
Mandy the Aussie
Candy the Werewolf (Border Collie/Malamute)
Callie the Bunny
Willow the Collie (and Mom's third love of her life)
Libby the Collie puppy
Starry the Sheltie/Flat Coat Retriever
Cimmie the Eskie/Chow mix
Fern the Dobie/mix puppy
Harry the Black Lab puppy
Gemini the Border Collie/Aussie
Wookie the Pomeranian
Zoe the sweet little Eskie
Duncan the Collie/Border Collie

Those we were instrumental in getting out of the shelter:

Luke the Aussie
Blue the Aussie
Rafe the Aussie
Honey the Sheltie
Miss Congeniality the Norwegian Elkhouse puppy
Hershey the Choclate Lab mix
Chocolate Boy
4 black labs
2 pet rats
The white Jack Russel Terror
3 boxer mix puppies that had been labeled as pits (and therefore doomed)
St Bernard Puppy

Dogs we helped along the way:

Wilson the Eskie
Lola the Aussie (who got to stay with her owner!!)
Mandy the Collie
Sabrina the Boxer puppy dumped from a car
The Main Coon kitten
The old Man lab
St Beatrice the Saint/Collie Mix
Hemingway the Aussie
Maxie the Siberian/Samoyed Mix

Blue, Wookie, Hemingway.

I'm sure I'm forgetting someone, but even if I'm not, Mom and I have done some pretty amazing stuff this year. It has been a hard year, Candy the werewolf, Callie the Bunny and Honey the Sheltie died. Mom is still haunted by the German Shepard puppy that Mom was 20 minutes too late to save...but on a good note we convinced the County Commissioners to stop the pound seizures, so no more animals sold to B class Research Dealers.

And...I'm back to good health, Starry is back to good health, Lily is back to good health, Wookie is back to good health, Duncan is back to good health. And all the dogs who have passed through Mom's house are healthy and in better weight. All in all, we've done pretty well for just one person and a dog. Proof enough that one person CAN make a difference to so many.


Starry, Lola, Zoe, Maxie

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!

Hope all my friends get their turkey! I've got mine! Okay, this is a turkey my oldest human brother made at school. Isn't it cute? I still plan on eating real turkey, so my Mom better be paying attention! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We are definately counting our blessings here! M-the-V

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Girls are wierd

Well, it is official. Girls are so wierd. They ignore you. They insist on taking all the toys. They like to lay right in the way so you can't go in or out of a room. It's like you have to pay the troll or something. I don't do that...Duncan doesn't do that. And Wookie certainly doesn't do that.

But everyone of the girls in the house do. Well, okay, not Mom, but all the furgirls do.

Well, so what is a guy supposed to do?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

Well, I've been out of the blog world a little bit. Mom's been busy...there was a christmas parade that Mom took the human brother's to...and get this, she also took their daddy and his girlfriend to the parade. I think she did this for the human brothers. They were pretty happy.

Mom's new job is going really well. She is happy, but pre-occupied. Now that she is happy at work she has too much energy. She has been cleaning...I mean scary cleaning. She went through the closets and the boys clothes...she rearanged the furniture, cleaning underneath for goodness sake. Tonight she has all her candles burning and she keeps sniffing and smiling. It is kinda wierd.

Life has been happier here, although I know that Mom is still sad about Harry. He hasn't been adopted yet and is still at the rescue kennel. But it is quieter here. Mom says she wants to keep Duncan..I wouldn't mind he and I get along. I just wish she would get rid of Lily. Duncan has gotten pretty protective of Mom and the human brothers. He even nipped Mom's ex husband when he picked up the littlest brother. Mom was shocked, but laughed later.

So anyway, I've been keeping busy putting the christmas card list into an excel format so I can merge it easily. I was going to get all dressed up for my christmas card picture...but I think I'd rather take a nap on the blankie that Nanny made me. I hope everyone is doing well....


WELCOME HOME FREDA!!!! I missed you.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

He's gone, he's gone

Oh yah yah yah!!!


Did I mention Harry is gone?

He's GONE!


Duncan and I got a 3 hour car ride, ending at our friend Kathy's house...course Stella the terrorist was there...and she's awful. But he's GONE!

Course Mom is sad cause she had to take him to the kennel.

But did I mention he is GONE?


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hey Boomer!!!

Hey Hot Stuff!!
Fanny and I wanted to try and distract you from the "in-laws" whatever they are. So we posed for a glamour shot. Smooches!

We hope you are impressed! - love Evie and Fanny

PS. Maxey is still pouting in his cage, which is silly Mom isn't THAT hurt, just stressed out.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Out of solitary confinement...

Well Mom invited me to sleep on her bed last night. It was boys only with Duncan, Poo and me. Harry wasn't included cause he wasn't supposed to still be with us.

You were all right, Mom did forgive me, but she still is limping just a bit. And I still feel pretty bad. Duncan got to go for a long car ride with Mom and she didn't take me cause she was mad at me.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'm in trouble...

Mom says I'm in going to be living in the dog house for a while. I'm not sure what that means, but I guess she is pretty mad. You see, Lily stole some food out of a bowl and when Mom grabbed her to put her in the cage she got mad and tried to pick a fight with me. So I got ticked and started barking back...then I went and grabbed Mom slipper to punctuate my position with neck breaking, only...Mom's foot was in the slipper. I ended up draging my canine tooth along the top of her foot and hurting her.

I feel really bad...and I was going to post about some good news...but Mom says I can't have computer time right now...(sniff)

M-the-Pathetically Sorry

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Lambshank redemption...

Or How Maxey spent his birthday. A narrative by M-the-V
My day started out pretty good. Mom gave me some extra treats for breakfast. A whole slice of cheese to myself.
But then I found out that Sunshade had dumped me for another Airedale.
I was a little upset.
But then Miss Shannon came over to let me and the rest of the doggies outside at lunchtime. I love Miss Shannon, and she likes me best anyway.
Then Miss Amy came by and you know what she DID!
YES, she put HARRY in a crate! HARRY!
When Mom came home we all went outside for a potty break and then had dinner.
After the kids went to their father's house Mom put me in the car.
and do you know where she took me dear canids?
Mom took me to Pet Supplies Plus!
But as an added plus she didn't make me go inside. I don't really like going inside and always insist on riding in the cart.
When she returned she had a HUGE LAMB BONE!
AND she didn't have bones for anyone else!
So there I was gnawing on a juicy raw lamb bone, riding around with my mom.
Getting my ears rubbed as I gnaw a lamb bone. It doesn't get any better.
But then Mom stopped at a house and after a few minutes and put a little blue merle Aussie girl in the back. She is very pretty.

Mom had to transport her a little ways. She was very nervous. When we got to the house, she was running in the fenced backyard and wouldn't come in the house. So Mom got me out of the car to help her understand. She did, cause I'm good at that. Plus I really liked her, she was impressed with my handsome tri-ness. Her name is Lola. They gave us lots of treats to help get her more comfortable. I like treats.
Anyway, Mom and I headed home. I was rather bored with the lamb bone by now so I just positioned myself for lots of strokes and scritches. When we got home Mom threw my bone in the backyard. But Lily found it and took it inside. Then Evie got it....then Duncan...then Fanny took off with it.
So today I was looking for it. I looked in the toy bin.


I looked in Harry's cage.


I looked in the Wookie's cage and box bed. (He chose the bed himself, Mom tried to get something nice for him.)

Then I went to Mom's room and checked under the bed. That is where Fanny likes to hide.

I found Fanny (can you see her looking creepy in the picture?)
But now lamb bone.

I found my cat, Schnitzel, there. He looks mean, but he isn't. He helped raise me when I was a young pup.

But no lamb bone.

Look at this mess! Obviously Mom has been slacking on her cleaning duties under the bed. I see a chewed up sippy cup. A chewed up slipper, a Little Person and...



My birthday isn't even cold .... I get no respect. M-the-V

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!


They say it's my birthday!!dadadaadada
It's my birthday too-hoo!

Mom says she is getting me a bone tonight!!

More later!!!


ps I have my best friends tag on!!