Friday, March 30, 2007

to doings.....

Well the holes in the kitchen ceiling are gone. Mom says she has to do some painting. She gave up scraping the bathroom. Now she just have to earn some money to pay for drywalling. She is kinda ticked cause all the work is costing a lot more than expected.

Mom has been stressed out about the ex. He has been doing a lot of threatening and scaring Mom. Duncan and I will protect her. Heck Duncan has already bitten him once.

Interesting news about Duncan...Mom got a letter from Duncan's original owner. I guess he is getting out of jail soon and wants to know about Duncan. He also says that Duncan was his service dog. Trained to warn him about oncoming seizures and protect him during them. THAT explains a lot! No wonder Duncan is good at sensing the ex's bad moods and barking or biting. It also explains why he is so protective of my littlest human brother who has some gross motor skill delays. The bad news is that Duncan isn't 7 yo like Mom thought, but 10 yo. In case you are wondering, there is no way Mom can give Duncan back. She loves him too much.

Now some news about me. Mom found a lump in a new spot. But she says it feels more like a mole...very small. I'm not going to panic yet.

Now I want everyone to send healing prayers to my best girl Miss Opy. And my other best girl Miss Flossy's brother Angus. Things are looking scary at Flossy's.


PS. Hey Casper! You're scaring me man! check in more often.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Feeling fine...

Well I must admit that I'm feeling really good these days. I've been prancing around and even running up stairs. I guess that lump was making me sicker than I knew. Mom checks me everyday to see if the lump is returning. Course I love just to be pet by her. But so far, no new lumps.

I do still keep opening the wound where my dew claws used to be. They are irritating the crap out of me. Mom hates all the blood I've been getting on the couch. Serves her right for messing with stuff that wasn't broke.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I haven't had much computer time (since I need Mom to turn it on), we've been dealing with renovations. Check out the holes in the kitchen ceiling!

There have been men in the house working on the upstairs bathroom every day for a week! It isn't all bad since Mom often let me stay out when everyone else was locked up in her bedroom or a cage. Ah peace and quiet, well sort of.

Mom was kinda cranky though since the toilet was leaking into the kitchen AFTER they had redone the plumbing. She also went a whole 4 days without a shower (thank goodness for the gym!). My human brothers were taking baths in the kitchen sink. One night Wookie waited in line for a bath and he got one too. He is sooo wierd. Mom thought it was funny.

So anyway, now that the plumbing is done, they are coming back to fix the ceiling (at least that is what Mom hopes). But the bathroom is still torn up because Mom is scraping glue off the walls and then she is going to paper and paint. I guess I really don't care because there is now vinyl in the bathroom instead of carpet, so I won't go in there. I don't like walking on anything but carpet. Makes it hard to get around these days.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wookie update...

Well Wookie had his dental surgery. They removed 8 teeth!! Poor Wookie wasn't feeling great yesterday, but he is feeling better today. I can't imagine missing that many teeth!

Mom is a little disappointed because his "Elvis" tooth is gone. But she is happy he will be feeling better soon.

PS. Hey Wally how come I can't see your blog? Everytime I go there I can see it for a few seconds and then it says it is loading and all I can see is the background, none of the text or pictures?


Saturday, March 10, 2007

A new do for the Wookie..

Wookie went to the groomers this afternoon. Boy did he get butched...but at least it was by a professional instead of Mom's hack job. He must feel pretty good about it because he was trotting around looking like he hung the moon.

What do you guys think? Does he look good?

By the way, I want to thank everyone for all their concern and well wishes. Mom isn't panicking about my diagnosis, so I guess I won't either. For now I feel pretty good and I'm still young. I'm mean the Wookie is ancient for goodness sake! I'm only six. You are a really nice bunch of doggies. Thanks for caring about me and being my webfriends.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Well the pathology report is in....

The lumps that were removed were indeed cancerous tumors. But the good news is that the type is rare, and unlikely to spread. It is likely to reoccur though. The vet told Mom that some cancer is so aggressive that it is already reoccuring before the stitches are out. At least that isn't happening yet.

After we left the vet Mom bought me my own small french fry from McD's. Some good came from it.


Saturday, March 03, 2007

Remember my new friend Annie

Here is an updated puppy picture. Hasn't she grown?

and Lily insisted I post this picture of her....ugh.


Watch out!

Mom bought a pair of clippers and she has been attacking everyone's Dr. Seuss feet. I guess I'm glad that I went to a professional groomer. At least I don't look all butched up like Evie does.