Saturday, September 30, 2006

The big storm...

Today I proved my worth, again. Mom and the human brothers were at Nana's house. They came rushing home and said a bad storm was coming in. High winds, thunder, lightening and hail. Naturally, I wasn't worried. I'm an expert at scaring storms away.

The sky darkened and the thunder started. I watched and waited for the perfect time, just whent he storm wasn't looking.

I swung into action! I barked, I bared my teeth, I growled, and I broke the neck of mom's favorite shoe.

The rain slowed and stopped. My dear canid friends there was no hail, no high winds and no flooding.

I kept watch for a while to make sure it didn't try and sneak back. Gotta protect the family. My mom said I was a good boy. But she also thought I was just trying to impress my girlfriends Flossy and Sunshade. Hard not to impress when you are this impressive.


Friday, September 29, 2006

Nana and Poppa's house

This is the view from the back of Nana and Poppa's house. I love Nana and Poppa. And I'm the only dog Mom takes there.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Just a quick note...

Mom is now calling Lily her personal ATM machine. I'm guessing you all can figure out why.



Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A walk in the woods...

Today is Wednesday!! and that means running wild in the woods. Mom takes us up to her friends house. She has 20 acres of land to walk on in the country.

The air was cool and bracing! It would be heaven except for Stella, the resident terrorist/lam mix. You can see her in one of the pictures. She is the black blur about to jump on Evie. Evie is her favorite target, she pulls the fur on Evie's face.

Still it is a nice walk, even if Lily gets lazy along the way.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Man did Lily ever GET IT! I've had the most fun today that I've had in a long time. My mom adopted Harry out last night. Hasta Lavista baby! Not that I regret helping the poor big baby. But man am I glad he is gone. But get this! Mom received cash for his adoption that belongs to the rescue group. Well this morning Lily got in mom's purse and ATE $40!!! Mom said she was going to make a Samoyed-skinned rug. I'm sorry my mom has to cough up the $40 but all I can say is bahahahahahahahhahahahahah!!

Well as promised here are some pictures of my sissies.

This is Starry Night (left, she is ancient) and Evie (right, I like her, everyone likes her).

And this is Fanny. Don't let the innocent look fool you. She isn't. She was a tough street dog when mom took her in. She and Starry are fosters.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Big day for Mom..

Mom went to an adopt-a-thon at the Detroit Zoo today. She didn't take me as her rescue buddy, and I'm glad. She did take the big baby, Harry. She came home crying. She took a ton of of all the dogs and cats that were there. Hundreds. She cried that there were so many wonderful pets without loving homes. And then she cried that these were the lucky ones. These were the ones that were already safe, just waiting for the right home to come along. She cried that she had taken all those pictures but forgotten to put the disk back in the camera. No pictures. About 60 dogs from Last Chance Rescue were adopted..but they have 150. And there are probably 15 dogs that come through the Jackson Animal Control Shelter every week. The problem is so big.

I cried when she came with Harry. Even big sweeties like him have to wait. He has a family who wants him. But then didn't bring everything they needed to adopt. He will be adopted this week if they can prove that their community allows labs.

Then Mom told me that she had agreed to take in a 13 yo blind Pomeranian for the rest of his life. She likes seniors and she couldn't bear the thought of him living out his life in a kennel...even a nice one.

I love my Mom. She has a good heart...and I've come to the conclusion that I will never be an only dog again. I guess that is okay. I think I should be her rescue buddy, so I'm changing my blog name for Mom.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Crime Wave Update...

Well you wouldn't believe it. The thieves actually came while mom was outside with us in the morning. They are bold, I'll give them that and I happen to know from personal experience that there was some awesome stuff in that brown box.

So mom was outside and here come the thieves. I barked loudly and ran back and forth at the fence. I thought, "finally, mom will be able to put an end to this!" But do you know what she did my dog friends? She waved at them and said "good morning." Then she shushed me and the sissies. What the ....

I'm a little disgusted with mom right at the say the least.


Friday, September 22, 2006

On the joy of friendship!

I have had the pleasure of meeting some fellow canines. Since joining Dogs with Blogs I've done a lot of butt sniffing and let me tell you...I like what I smell. The canid odor online has definately improved. And so with joy at my acceptance in this swell egroup I join geelyfully in the tagging. Without more ado, here is my list.
What makes a good canine friend? by M-the-V

1. I am willing to warm a space on the bed.

2. I am always willing to help clean up after a meal.

3. I enjoy a good game of kill the squeaky toy. Enthusiastic head shaking is my middle name! Oh the toys I've destuff...sigh.

4. I am a great teacher. I have taught every canine in the neighborhood how to effectively howl at sirens.

And the top reason I'm a great canine friend...
5. I am willing to share my mommy. I was lucky enough to be adopted by my mom when I was only 8 weeks old. But we learned that there are so many other dogs who weren't as lucky as I am. So, however relunctantly, I have shared my home and mommy with 25 foster dogs in the last 2 years. And with the exception of Heidi, who tried to kill me, I have liked them all well enough to lay on the floor with them.

Lily and Evie - my sammie sissies that never left.

Ode to Friendship...

You're a friend, to the end, so I send

My greetings and salutaions of warmth and comfort this very night.

I tag Opy's brother Charlie, Billy and Baily of Canada!!



Sunday, September 17, 2006


Something remarkable is happening to me. Since my scary wicked week my lump is shrinking! My mom got me on that thyroid medicine and I've never felt better in my life! I'm back on my toes keeping order in this household. I'm the enforcer again! I even got a few free nips at Lily's butt and took off before she could pull my tail. And if all of this wasn't good, the lump is shrinking!!!! Looks like that medicine was made in the good ole USofA. No commie/terrorist GPS tracking device can withstand the ingenuity of the good ole USofA. Looks like I'll be spared the knife and mom will be able to put those funds towards something else....maybe getting Harry the slobbery black lab out of here would be a good goal for her. (no offense Ranger, buddy)

Now if I could only get my feet to feel better. Mom is working on that too.

But it was a beautiful, warm day, and life is looking good right now. Especially after seeing this picture! he he

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Crime wave!

Well it happened again! Once a week my morning reverie is interrupted by thieves in the wee morning hours. I bark myself silly but my mom never seems to get up fast enough to catch them. I can't understand why she doesn't catch on and stop putting our stuff in the big box. Or at the very least buy a padlock. It pains me to say it, but maybe mom just isn't that bright.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Actually not annoyed today!

Today was a very good day! Mom took me and the sissys to her friend's house in the country. We dogs get to walk off leash there. Mom loves to take me for a walk cause I usually stay right beside her. She calls me her "obedient son." And I am! She spends a lot of the walk calling for Evie, Lily and Fanny. She and her friend Kathy talk about how wonderful I am.

But today I actually did some venturing off into the brush. I saw more of the sights and smelled more of the smells than I ever have before. There were deer, rabbit and squirrel smells everywhere! I lost sight of Mom a couple of times and she had to call for me once. But I know she isn't mad, she and her friend talked about how much better I must be feeling to be so adventurous. I was hoping for a nice juicy bone like Ranger had yesterday, but mom had to take Evie to the self serve doggie wash and she forgot.

On one sour note, Lily pulled my tail last night. Mom saw it and Lily got in trouble. hehee.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Is there no end?

I love my mom. She is great. She loves me best. But sometimes I think she has totally lost it. I mean she can't seem to let anything go. Take the new addition this week.

Yeah, that is a big, black, slobbery lab. And it is a puppy too. An 80 lb puppy.

So you're thinking what I'm thinking. Is she crazy? First Lily and now this? She keeps telling me that he is too much of a baby to go to a rescue kennel. She says he needs a mommy, he needs to be fostered in a home. She tells me he is leaving...but when? To his credit he is already housetrained and knows many things (primarily wrinkling his brow and giving mom the brown droppy eye look). He also bugs Lily by sniffing her butt. She hates it and sits immediately and snaps. I think that is pretty funny.

On a good note though, Cimmie was adopted by a great family. Lucky dog, she is an only child now. sigh.... Here is Cimmie, I didn't care much for her. Too much jumping around and never laying on the couch.

Well speaking of laying around it is bedtime. I get to sleep with my mom. Lily doesn't. I love bedtime.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

For Inquiring Minds

Some of you have asked why am I "valliant." I'm assuming that this picture of my sister, Lily, provides answers to all your questions. Need I point out that I was an only child. Then my mom had Ethan my human brother. Then came Louie (god rest his soul) and Evie. Then a whole parade of fosters and then a year ago came Lily. Ugh... Anyone would HAVE to be valliant to live with that one.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Scary Wicked Week

Hey furry friends,

I've not been online in a week, and man what a week it has been. The commie GPS that was grafted under my skin sent a shock through my system causing a seizure. Luckily I was sleeping on my mom's legs and she saw it and held me through it. But it scared her. I is hard to tell her what a seasoned warrior I am.

Well as a result I spend the next day at the vet. I underwent x-rays, an ECG and blood draw. Despite their commie efforts everythign was fine except my thyroid. Mom says this is good news, easy to treat. AND it won't effect my surgery day this month to get the huge lump (GPS) removed. Man it is a hard thing to look forward to going under the knife, but desperate times call for desperate dogs.

Later all,

Maximillian the Incredibly Valliat