Sunday, December 31, 2006

Annie it is!

We all went out to visit the puppy again yesterday. And Miss Kathy has decided that Mom's name fits her the best (Mom is great at naming dogs). So Annie romped around outside with us again yesterday while Miss Kathy threw the frisbee for Duncan and Stella. Annie kept attacking Mom's pant leg, there surely must be tiny holes now.

Which brings me to another point. Puppies are vicious! I mean look at the picture below...those puppy killed and ATE that alligator in a wierd twist of fate. I sure wouldn't want to meet them in a dark alley. You have to be pretty vicious to kill AND EAT and alligator.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The mystery pup....

This is the new border collie/mix puppy in Mom's life. She doesn't have a name yet. It might be Hope, or Annie, or Betty.
She is only 7 weeks old and was bought at a pet store (normally I don't go in for that...but they said she had a hernia and needed to be discounted).
And here she is with her new mommy! This is Mom's and my good friend Kathy. That is right! This pretty little fluf of mischeivous doesn't have to live with us! But I do have to see her periodically. Strangely enough, Stella the terroist is relatively nice to her. Go figure.
Mom helped Kathy get her...and the hernia was just a stupid belly button hernia...I mean even I have one of those! Mom and Kathy are suckers for black and whites. Although Mom likes a little tri dropped in there too.

Santa Came!

Christmas Eve was so exciting. My human brothers picked out cookies and left milk for Santa. I checked out the tree to make sure all the lights were lighting and the ornaments were straight.I vowed to stay awake and greet Santa. Being an exceptionally good watch dog I knew I'd hear Santa.
But when I woke up, look at what I found! Santa must truly be magical!

My human brothers and Mom had a great day, lots of wonderful presents.
And look what Santa left for us in the freezer! Turkey necks!
I got to eat mine outside so no one would bother me and try and take it.
All of our Christmas wishes have come true (well except for Lily is still here .) But who is this?


Friday, December 22, 2006

Trouble in paradise....

Okay, tell me...can anyone see my bio on the right side of my blog? I haven't been able to fix it and it is driving me more nuts than usual.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

I've been tagged...and tagged.

Well this has taken me long enough to answer, but I've been Christmas tagged by first Boomer and then Pippin (congrats on the new pack member, he's cute, when are your people moving?)

So...Here are three things I'd like under my tree.

1. A big raw bone.
2. Just my mom and me.
3. A certificate for a car ride a day for the year.

What I don't want under my tree.

1. Lily....need I say more.
2. nail clippers or any grooming supplies.
3. plane tickets for my Mom to go away again.

Hmmm, I'm pretty sure that everyone has been tagged at this I think I'll just go with it. If you are reading this and haven't made your and let us know so we can go visit you and see your list!


Friday, December 15, 2006

Confessions, Excuses and Apologies...

Hello my friends. All of your cards are wonderful and I'm really enjoying them. But I must confess that mine have not even been made yet. I need Mom's help and she has been super busy. She was in Miami for a conference this week and you wouldn't
believe who took care of us! My ex daddy! He and his girlfriend stayed here with my human brothers and me, Evie and Fanny. AND....ugh, Mocha. Yes, Mom has been at it again. But Mocha is different (besides the fact that she is a pure bred pittbull), she belongs to Mom's ex... They lost their house and she was staying in the cold. She is okay for a girl.

Mom is a little upset, someone is really interested in Duncan. Looks like they might come meet him this weekend, and it seems a good home for him. Mom wants to keep him.

The really good news is that Lily has been staying with Miss Kathy. It has been so nice, no one pulling my tail.

Fanny has been awful. She keeps getting out and running. She escaped last night, this morning and tonight. Every since she was lost in the woods for two days she has wanted to just run. Mom doesn't know what to do with her.

Duncan and Mocha have been really sick. Mom has been cleaning up diarhhea for 2 weeks and when that isn't been happening, Wookie has been peeing on her bed.

The really bad news is that my human brothers have been having a rough time too. Last week my 3 yo brother fell on the sidewalk and broke his arm really bad. Mom had to spend a whole day at the hospital while he underwent surgery to straighten the break and get a cast put on. He has been really cranky. My older human brother has had a double ear infection too.

So you see my friends..there hasn't been much time to do much of anything. I'm really sorry, but it looks like my holiday cards are going to Happy New Year cards.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Rescue, cards, and normal days....

Look at the face of our personal rescue hero! She and Starry are back to normal. Thank goodness. Fanny has been able to go outside in the backyard without the tether. She doesn't seem to want to jump the fence. She and Evie tore around the yard last night in the cold and snow. I'd rather sit on my pillow.Life has gotten back to normal. Lots of rest and relaxation. Duncan has been playing tug-o-war with Evie. Evie loves tug and no one ever wants to play.Mom is pretty jealous. I mean look at all the christmas cards I received just yesterday! These all came on the same day!! Mom has gotten one christmas card...tee hee. But of course, she hasn't sent hers out yet (or mine!). Mom says she'll help me get it done this week.
Wookie has been feeling good but sounding terrible. His cough is awful. But he has gotten downright frisky. When Mom comes home from work and lets him out of his cage he tears around top speed (and I do mean a run) and circles Mom's legs. He also thinks he is the cat's meow, literally. This is a picture of him squeezing out of the cat door to the basement. He has discovered that he can fit through there and get into the basement where there is cat food, dog food and a litter box. Mom says that he poops in the same room the cat box is, she figures he has decided to become feline. I'm pretty sure he doesn't know how awful that sounds. Maybe he really is a cat and not a dog? Do you think?

And finally I have some video of me showing off my backyard and barking skills. Duncan and Evie helped. This was taken a couple days ago before the snow. But that other dog is Winston the chocolate lab that lives behind us. I still think he is trespassing on my turf. But he is nice enough.

Normal day in my backyard.