Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sad News indeed

Well our little brother Wookie passed away last weekend. I haven't had much energy to blog about it. We all miss him a lot. He was 17 years old and had been with us for 3 years. Frankly, Mom was surprised he stayed so long. My little human brothers were gone for the weekend so they didn't get to say goodbye, but they were rolling down the car windows in the dark and yelling it out to the trees, "We love you Wookie!" "We miss you Wookie!"

Now Mom is going to be sending Sophie back to the rescue because she bit Mom twice last weekend. She wasn't trying to bit Mom, she was trying to get Duncan.

Duncan has had it very rough recently. Nicky has been really going after him. Nicky has gotten a little better, but he did it again today. Mom was ticked and Nicky had to stay in his crate all afternoon.

Mom pulled another Sheltie senior from the local shelter. His name was Tinder. Mom like him a lot, but he went to another foster while Sophie is here. But we did get to have a Sheltie party with me, Tavish and Tinder.

Tavish was sick a while ago and it turns out he has congestive heart failure like me. Mom says she needs to take out stock in the company that makes the medicine lasix.

And NOW we have a sheltie puppy staying with us. Mom hasn't gotten him to stand still long enough for a picture. He is a "lethal white." That means both his parents were blue merles and that he is deaf and partially blind. Sure doesn't stop him though. He is 9 months old. Nicky thinks that he is his twin lost at birth. The two of them play non stop. My older human brother loves the two of them too. Mom keeps saying that my older human brother needs to take care of "his puppy." Man I hope that doesn't mean that Miles is staying. Can we trade him in for Tinder?

There was a cat that adopted us that Mom named Baboo. She sent him to the rescue to be neutured, but he didn't come back. He tested positive for FIV and has to stay with the rescue until they can find a foster home that takes in FIV positive cats. Mom was really sad about it. But I know that Schnitzel and Teddycat aren't sad at all. I think they are delighted.

Mom is worried about them being sick with FIV now. She moans about her vet bill because it is twice the size of her monthly mortgage. I guess it is a good thing that her vet is rescue friendly too. Mom says she needs to stop helping the older dogs, but I doubt she can stop that.

I hope everyone is doing well. I'll try and check in.




We are sad about Wookie, though we are sure he is finding many new friends across the rainbow bridge.

If Nick keeps it up, Auntie Essex will just have to show up there and put him in his place.

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Essex & Deacon

Josh and Jess said...

Oh, so sad to hear about your brother Wookie. Our Ma said he'll make plenty of new friends over on the other side and he'll be young again, too.
Hugs, Josh

Tatum Tot said...

I'm so sorry about wookie. :(

I have heard of the deadly whites too, as they call them in aussies. Us collies can be white tho, but we can be double dilute... which is also the blue to blue breeding, and then can be blind and deaf. Scary!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Run free sweet Wookie - you have earned your angel wings.

Sending much love to you all - especially Maxey.



Bill said...

My friend, I am sorry to hear about this. Even though we should be only dogs, it hurts to see a good soldier go down.